Art Block: Fact or Fiction?

I’ve recently been getting back into the artsy side of YouTube. Watching speedpaints, redraws, and other various artist-inspired topics has really been captivating my attention as of late. With all my art video binging, I’ve also stumbled upon some interesting topics, one of which I wanted to bring up in today’s post.


Before I delve further into this topic, I want to give you a brief explanation as to what art block or artist’s block is. If you’ve never heard of it, art block is something that artists experience from time to time when they feel unmotivated or uninspired, or they just can’t seem to come up with any good ideas, or the projects they try to create just aren’t turning out the way they want them to. It’s a feeling of being stuck in a rut where your art side seems as though it’s cut off from you or blocked: art block.


Okay, so if that’s what art block is, why is there a debate over it?

Well, the argument about art block is whether it’s actually real or not: you might say you’re uninspired, but isn’t that just an excuse to be lazy and not put out any work? Especially when artists claim to have art block for long periods of time, weeks, months, or sometimes even years, how can that be a real thing?


For me, I’ll be honest right off the bat and say that personally, I do believe that art block is real. I’ve been making art all my life, and I can say that there have definitely been times in my life where the creative juices just aren’t flowing for me.


In my opinion, art block is not an excuse for an artist to be lazy, rather, I see it as a form of creative fatigue. If someone is doing something over and over again, constantly, odds are they’re going to exhaust themselves after a while. Even if it’s not physical exhaustion, mental exhaustion is a real thing and I’m sure everyone has experienced it at one point or another.


Been doing math problems for three hours and suddenly even simple problems are becoming a challenge? That’s mental exhaustion. Or that topic for a paper you need to write is just not popping into your head? That’s a bit of a creative hindrance. Or for some reason all your drawings of people are looking all stiff and weird and you don’t know how to change it? Art block.


So if everyone experiences mental exhaustion, why is “art block” its own “thing?” Well, if you ask me, those of us who choose creative endeavors rely on new inspiration daily, sometimes multiple times a day, for days, months, or years. We need to always pump out new ideas and then figure out how to make those ideas become a reality.

Sometimes, we just run out of ideas.

Or we’ve exhausted ourselves to the point where we can’t translate what’s in our head to the real world. Or we’re just out of practice. Or sometimes, there just isn’t an explanation. It just…happens.

giphy (8).gif

Lastly, I want to address the idea that art block is just an excuse for being lazy. First, I’d say that art block certainly could be used as a way for an artist to be lazy. However, many artists who experience art block might acknowledge the fact that they’re stuck in a rut, but continue to work through their block anyway. Their art might not be up to their standards, or they might not be posting it publicly because they don’t like it, but sometimes lack of inspiration doesn’t mean giving up altogether.

I’d also like to say that art block could also translate to…perhaps…get this…the artist just needs a break. 🙂


In conclusion, art block sucks! 😀

But really, go easy on yourself if you’re experiencing art block. Here’s one of the videos I found on art block of some ways to maybe break out of it if you’re struggling with it.


Do you believe art block is a real thing or not? How do you deal with a lack of creativity or ideas? Be sure to drop a comment to let me know! ❤

Salt Lamp Savvy

Ever seen one of these before? These cool, glowy rock-looking lamps started popping on my feed all over the place last year. At first I thought they were just an “aesthetic” trend, but once my sister got one of these “Himalayan salt lamps” for Christmas this past year, I noticed that there might be more to these than meets the eye.

image via:

Himalayan salt lamps are more than just pretty room decorations. In fact, their name really says literally what they are: big hunks of Himalayan salt carved into lamps for your bedroom. I didn’t even know they were made of real salt until I…found out…how salty they were (don’t question my methods!!).

My curiosity piqued after discovering the saltiness (again, don’t question my methods…), I did a bit of research on these salty decorations and figured I’d share what I found out with you!



image via:

Himalayan salt lamps are made of – you guessed it – salt. What you might not have guessed are all of the health benefits that come along with it. Salt is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, removes pathogens and even reduces immune system oversensitivity. It’s also great for easier breathing as it loosens mucus to clear up your sinuses…gross, but hey, whatever works. 😛 Apparently, Himalayan salt is even used in some inhalers for asthma relief!

image via:

One of the biggest benefits these lamps are known for is air purification, and is one of the top reasons that they’re bought in the first place. Salt naturally attracts water vapor in the air, and water vapor will often bring pollutants (think mold and bacteria) along with it. However, when the water vapor makes contact with the heated lamp, the salt traps the pollutants while releasing the water vapor back into the air. As long as the lamp is turned on and stays warm, this cycle will continue.

image via:

Some more benefits of salt lamps:

  • neutralize electromagnetic radiation that come from TV systems, computers, appliances, etc. (do I sound smart yet?)
  • boost mood and improve sleep from the calming orange glow
  • eases asthma and other allergy symptoms
  • environmentally friendly light source from natural elements and typically use low wattage or are even lit with a candle
image via:











Personally, I just think that these lamps are really pretty and taste really sa– uh, I mean, they’re just great all around. Isn’t it neat to think that a magical-looking lamp is actually really healthy? If you want to pick one up for yourself, here is the top rated (over 10,000 reviews!) Amazon’s choice Himalayan salt lamp at $18.70 (if you want to do a little more shopping around, there are a lot of other lamps at lower prices too!).


Do you own a Himalayan salt lamp? What kind do you have or like the best? Have you noticed any benefits or do you know of some more that I missed? Be sure to let me know by leaving a comment! ❤

This Week’s Music: Rain Mixes

Ready for some rain? I find rain mixes to be highly relaxing and calming, especially for when I need to sleep.


Have any suggestions of music or music themes? Leave a comment for me! ❤

This Week’s Music: Fantasy

Time for some tunes!

This week’s theme is fantasy, so here are some soundtracks with a magical feel to them! I find soundtracks particularly nice to listen to while I’m working, music with lyrics can make it hard to write or concentrate.


Things To Do Instead Of Being Sad That It’s Still Cold Outside

I don’t know about you, but winter is the most challenging season for me. January and February especially since the holidays are all over and “regular life” starts back up again, people go back to work and school and if you live up north like me, everything just seems like it falls and gets buried underneath a layer of snow.

giphy (3)

But I’ve already felt down. I know what that’s like, I’ve tried being sad and doing nothing for a while, and…surprise! Nothing changed. I didn’t feel good for a month and a half so now I’m deciding to shake things up a bit and try to find other things to focus on besides how upset all the snow and cold makes me.

And that brings me to today’s post. Here are some nice things to do and focus on instead of thinking about your winter blues!


Try Hygge



Pronounced as “hue-gah” or “hoo-gah” (depending on your source), hygge is a Danish word that has no direct English translation, but is described as having a feeling of comfort whether it be in the home, or out enjoying the company and comfort of friends. Mostly though, it is seen quite literally as “the art of being cozy” and is a major reason why the Danes can maintain such happy and healthy lifestyles so far in the dark, cold north where winter is a very prominent part of their lives.

Hygge doesn’t have to be a lifestyle, but some of the tips and tricks used in “the art of being cozy” can be directly applied to anyone’s life. While I do plan on writing a full post on hygge in the future, you can easily grab a fluffy blanket, light some candles, and maybe bake (or grab from your fridge) some yummy treats for yourself – and you’re already practicing hygge!


Music Cures All


I’m a big believer in music having a huge impact on our emotions and the way we feel about life and things in general. The same applies for winter! While I sometimes find listening to tropical tunes a good way to escape from the winter storms outside, I have to admit that sometimes dreaming of the sun and clear ocean waters can just make everything worse.

For some classy winter vibes, maybe check out the Cafe Music BGM channel. This is one of my favorite channels to relax to, in fact, I’m listening to this live radio on the channel right now. There are dozens of mixes to listen to, and all are very calming and relaxing.

And of course, for my geeks out there, how about a listen to that Skyrim soundtrack? This video has included all the ambience soundtracks from the daytime in the game, and there’s even one for all the nighttime tracks as well.
giphy (4)
…okay sorry Cafe BGM, but it’s time to switch over to Skyrim for now.

Try A New Hot Chocolate Recipe

giphy (5)

Pinterest is your go-to for this project. Seriously. Go to, slap “hot chocolate” in the search bar and you’ve got hot chocolate recipes galore. Or if hot chocolate somehow isn’t your thing (like, what’s wrong with you?), you could try the same thing with coffee recipes or any of your other favorite warm drinks.


Play Some Video Games



I’m going to have to tone my game-loving obsessive side down a bit and attempt to recommend just a few video games to play. I’m going to keep my thoughts on these games veeeerrryyy brief, because you best believe that the future of this blog has some very invested and in-depth game reviews/recommendations.

  1. Animal Crossing: New Leaf…it’s a game about running a happy town with animal villagers who all are adorable and quirky. This game is incredibly happy and relaxing, 10/10 would sell my soul for Marshall.
  2. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim…relaxing not your thing and you’d rather slay dragons, practice black magic, or run an underground theives guild all while saving the world in a frigid environment? Play Skyrim. And trust me when I say that the Theives Guild is my home away from home.
  3. The Legend of Zelda: Windwaker…let’s pretend for a second that you are not only an adorable chibi boy, but you’re also a hero sailing from island to island on a quest to save your sister. Open ocean? Check. Fun gameplay? Check (I mean, come on, it’s Nintendo). Quirky cartoon-y art style? Check and check.
  4. Pokemon Platinum…Bundle up, bucko, because we’re heading up north to catch Pokemon buried not only in the snow, but in nostalgia as well. I honestly don’t have a whole lot to say since it’s basically your standard Pokemon game, but it’s one of the few titles with a lot of snow and mountains. Actually scratch that. I do have more to say. Nintendo, WHERE IS OUR REMAKE?!?!


Alright, that’s all from me for today! What are some of your favorite ways to spend your time in February or during any of the colder months? Have you ever heard of “hygge” before? Or what are some of your favorite games to play when you find yourself cooped up indoors? Be sure to let me know by dropping me a comment!