This Week’s Music: Kawaii Queen

It’s time to get your kawaii on, shoujo-san. Here are some fun tunes to play when you’re late for your first day of your shining high school life, sprinting down the street with buttered toast hanging out of your mouth! Ganbatte!


K-ON! Opening 1 – “Cagayake! GIRLS” FULL (romaji) [ENG SUB]

Motteke! Sailor Fuku! – Lucky Star Full Opening

DECO*27 – Fakery Tale feat. Hatsune Miku / 音偽バナシ feat.初音ミク

【Nico Nico Chorus 合唱】Otsukimi Recital / Moon-Viewing Recital / オツキミリサイタル

Hatsune Miku Soft – Hello/How are you (haro/hawayu) PV (English Subs)

Fairy Tail ending 1 Kanpeki gu no ne

【俺妹op1】irony full

Fairy Tail Ending 11 Full HD – Glitter /w Lyrics

(Cover) Goose house – オトノナルホウヘ→ (Oto no Naru Hou e→ , 銀の匙, SilverSpoon 2nd Seasons Ending)


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Cartoons: The Friendzoning Problem

Okay, I wanted to take a second to talk about something that I’ve noticed in a few modern shows that I’ve been watching.

It’s no secret that I’m a HUGE fan of the shows Miraculous Ladybug and Star vs. the Forces of Evil. I was never really into the whole “magical girl” genre growing up, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve become a major fan of the modern twist on magical girls, but also of these shows in particular.


See, there’s something that I’ve noticed with these shows, and it’s not just the upbeat atmosphere, the strong female leads, or the interesting storytelling.

What stood out to me was the “friendzoning.”

If you’ve somehow never heard of the term, let me give you a quick rundown: you confess your feelings to your crush, but they don’t feel the same way about you. Instead, they tell you that they “just want to be friends.” Congratulations! You’ve just earned yourself a one-way ticket to the infamous friendzone.


Now back to Miraculous and Star…in both of these shows, not only do our heroines end up friend-zoned at one point, but their male sidekicks end up getting kicked to the side (pun intended) at some point too.


In many mainstream media shows and stories, but also in real life situations, friend-zoning is seen as something terrible, something dreadful, and something that needs to be “fixed” in order to move forward with a relationship. Now, don’t get me wrong, unrequited love isn’t typically a good thing, is hurtful and can definitely strain a relationship. But too often “the friendzone” is seen as this dreaded place…especially for men.

tenor (1)

In my experience, I’ve come to see the friendzone as this kind of kryptonite that was the bane of all men’s relationships with women. Growing up, my friends would talk about it, make fun of others who were “stuck” in it, and discuss ways on how to get out of it. Online posts would show up with ways on how to help you “escape the friendzone” and it became a popular topic of discussion. Of course, the friendzone affected women too, but it seemed to have an entirely different hold altogether on men (literally when looking up “friendzone” pictures for this post, nearly every one of them was about men being stuck in the friendzone, not women).



images via:

In many shows and media today, the friendzone is used as an overarching theme that is a challenge to the person “stuck” in the friendzone, and the constant goal for this character is to change the relationship. The character is often shown as being pitiable or unsatisfied with the way that things are in his relationship, and dislikes the fact that he is “just friends” with his crush.


Take Finn from Adventure Time for example. In the earlier seasons of Adventure Time, we are introduced to how Finn the Human has romantic feelings towards Princess Bubblegum of the Candy Kingdom. Over and over again, however, PB is shown rejecting Finn’s feelings for her and cares for him deeply as a friend instead. This upsets Finn until he ends up dating Flame Princess, but eventually they break up and he once again finds himself in the friendzone. Because of this, he is often shown as feeling sorry for himself, first with Bubblegum, and later on with Flame Princess.

image via:

Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t have a problem with stories involving unrequited love. It’s an interesting plot point, makes for emotional tension and makes characters deeper and more relatable. I don’t even have a problem with men being in the friendzone or stories about men being in the friendzone. My problem lies with how the friendzone becomes another way for men to blame women on not giving them what they want: a romantic and/or sexual relationship.

giphy (6)

Call me a feminist (because surprise! I am one 🙂 ) but I don’t see the friendzone as something to pity men about. Yes, not having the kind of relationship you want sucks, no matter your gender. However, if someone rejects you time and time again and consistently tells you “no, I’m not interested”…you see where I’m going with this? I’ve seen all too many men expect women to owe them a romantic relationship for “being there for them” or for “listening to their problems.” Now, I know this might come as a shock to you but…surprise again! That’s how friendships work. Maybe instead of throwing yourself a pity party with all your bros when your feelings aren’t reciprocated, you can, I don’t know, move on? Or, a bigger question I pose…

Isn’t a positive friendship something to be cherished and appreciated?


This brings me to back to my initial thoughts with the two shows I mentioned from earlier, Miraculous Ladybug and Star vs. the Forces of Evil. In these shows, we see our ladies friendzoned, hurt, and in Star’s case, move on while still remaining friends with her crush, Marco. She even seems to get over him once rejected and dates someone else. With Miraculous Ladybug, we see Marinette, the heroine of the series, slightly hurt when hearing how her love interest, Adrien, thinks of her as “just a friend” (insert fandom meme here) but cheers up when Tikki reminds her that being friends with Adrien is a positive thing.




We also get to see a flipside in these shows, with Marco eventually realizing his feelings for Star and Adrien (Chat Noir) being in love with Ladybug (Marinette in disguise). The important part with both these dynamics is that despite their feelings, these boys still constantly support their lady friends and appreciate their friendships. While perhaps upset when initially rejected, which is completely reasonable, these guys recover, accept their situation, and still support and remain friends with the girls they love without shaming them for not loving them back (again, Chat Noir initially reacted harshly to Ladybug when she “stood him up,” but later in the same episode apologized and admitted that he was happy that Ladybug considered him a friend).





This is a side of male characters that we don’t often see in media. It’s a refreshing take on how men maturely handle unrequited love, and in my opinion, the correct way. They don’t blame their crushes, they don’t constantly seek pity, instead, they take their situations in stride and remain not just friends, but trusted allies and support for when their friends need them. They don’t necessarily give up on their feelings or aren’t hurt, but they gracefully accept how their crushes feel and…get this…they’re happy that their crush considers them a trusted and reliable friend.


I guess my main point is that I’m really happy that modern cartoons are making some huge moves towards challenging gender roles, taking on heavy topics, and really making an effort to connect with their audience on a new level. From Steven Universe, to Dragons: Race to the Edge, to The Legend of Korra, to the shows I’ve mentioned in this post (including Adventure Time), we’re seeing emotional men, strong women in leadership roles, and standards from the past confronted. I love how these shows are encouraging children to see things from new perspectives: how girls shouldn’t feel obligated or guilted into liking a boy back because he has feelings for her, how boys can look up to not just the men in their life, but the women also, and how being strong can nowadays be seen and appreciated in many different ways. And of course, how we can all appreciate and cherish the people we love and care about.


Also, Finn x PB for life 😀 ❤


What are your thoughts on friendzoning in general and in the media? Do you think it affects men and women differently? WHAT ARE YOUR SHIPS IN THE SHOWS I MENTIONED PLEASE TELL ME by leaving a me a comment! ❤

This Week’s Music: Magical Girl!

Sometimes you need a little more magic in your life. These are some songs I listen to when I want to feel ready to transform and take on the baddies!



Star vs. the Forces of Evil – The Ballad of Star Butterfly (Song)

Sailor Moon Crystal OST – Moon Prism Power, Make Up!

Shugo Chara Full Opening 1

Little Witch Academia OP Full – Shiny Ray

X and Y Champion Diantha Remix

Star Vs the Forces of Evil Soundtrack Yard Battle

Steven Universe Soundtrack ♫ – Mirror Match



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How To Thrift

Q: When is thrifting the answer?

A: Thrifting is always the answer.


Hi nice to meet you, I’m Maia, but you can just consider me your online thrifting expert. I was raised in thrift stores, for real, my mom dressed me in thrifted baby clothes before I could even talk. And from there, thrift stores were always a part of my life, and I’ve been shopping in them ever since I can remember.




Thrift stores might be kind of intimidating for someone unfamiliar with them, though. There are thousands of random items, loosely organized (if organized at all), and there so SO many weird things (like, super weird). But believe me when I say that you actually can find some cute clothes from thrift stores, you just have to know how to look for them! I’d estimate that around 70% of all my clothing is thrifted:

Every clothing piece (except the shoes in the color photos) of these is thrifted! My most recent YouTube video was even on a big thrift haul where I picked out some new work clothes along with some geeky casual shirts!

So, needless to say, you can find some awesome things at thrift stores. But like I said, there are ways to effectively comb through all the wreckage to find the treasure. And here are my hacks on how to do it!

1. Give Yourself a Plan

This is just a good idea to do when shopping in general. But with thrifting, it’s pretty essential for someone walking into the chaos of a thrift store for the first time to have a plan of action. Even veteran thrifters like myself benefit from knowing the goal of what to buy.

sneak peak of my spring 2018 board!


Recently, I decided to make a Pinterest board for what spring clothes I wanted to get this year and I was amazed at how handy this was when I went thrift store shopping later. I simply downloaded the app on my phone, and when I found a piece I liked, I’d pull up my board to see if the piece went with what I wanted. I was surprised at how many times I used my board as reference for what I wanted, and in the end I was incredibly happy I took the time to make it!

Giving yourself a game plan will help you to stay on track amidst the disarray and will hopefully keep you from impulse buys (which can be very easy when everything is so inexpensive)!

2. Don’t Settle

A mistake I made in my early years of thrifting was settling for clothes that almost fit, that may have had just a little stain or two, or might have had just a bit of torn lace on the side. My advice to you on this is DON’T SETTLE! Thrift stores have literally thousands of articles of clothing, shoes, and handbags, and there’s no reason for you to settle for something that isn’t nice, even if that price tag is ever so tempting. Let me tell you why.


You’re standing in front of your closet looking at that shirt with that little hole on the side that you bought at the thrift store the other day because it was cheap. “No big deal,” you had told yourself at the time, “I can just cover that up by layering a jacket over it or something. And I can just, like, sew it up later.” But now, that jacket is in the wash. And you don’t have time for a repair job (you didn’t yesterday or the day before that, either). And why pick the shirt with that hole in the side when the one right next to it is hole-less?

Your article of clothing should not depend on her partner for support. She is a strong, independent woman.

I promise you that you’ll find a piece that is in perfectly good condition that you’ll like far better who doesn’t need fixing. Save that fixing time for your hair, honey.

3. You’ve Gotta LOVE It

This sort of goes along with the last point, but honestly, just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean it’s free. And why spend money on something you don’t love? When you open your closet, it should be full of things you’re EXCITED to wear – ideally, your closet should be full of “favorites.”


Even if that sweater is in perfect condition, fits nicely, and the color is fine, but you don’t feel amazing in it, it’s not the one for you, boo. Back to the scenario from earlier, why would you pick something out of your closet that’s just “meh” when a way cuter piece is right next to it? And even if all your cuter things are in the wash, why would you want to leave yourself with a piece you’re just not that into? It’s just not worth it, not even if it’s just $2.00. :/

4. Look Outside Your “Zone”

As I’ve mentioned, thrift stores contain a vast amalgamation of clothes from all different brands. You might already know that a size 4 in one brand could be a size 6 in another and a size 2 in another. So when in a thrift store, if you’re a size 12, go ahead and look outside your size because odds are you’ll find a lot more options for yourself than you think.


Also, don’t be afraid to search outside your gendered section either. Every single geeky shirt I got (save the pizza one) in my thrift haul video I found via scouring the men’s T-shirt section (and there were plenty of anime shirts there that I didn’t get, specifically there were some Yuri On Ice ones that I spotted!). Employees aren’t perfect, and it can be hard to categorize so many random things, so you might find something out of place or even in its right place that just isn’t where you’d normally think to look!


Hopefully you can use these tips as a map to point you towards the treasure buried in your local thrift store! No need to be afraid anymore, adventure awaits!

giphy (1)

Do you have any tips/hacks that you use when you go thrifting? Are you new to thrifting, or a seasoned veteran? What are some of your favorite items you’ve found? Be sure to let me know by leaving a comment below or tag me in a photo (@itsmaiaeden) on instagram or twitter!

Also, be sure to check out my thrift store video on my YouTube channel! See you next time! ❤